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Lesson 9. Using Appearance Attributes, S... > Editing an effect - Pg. 219

Using Appearance Attributes, Styles, and Effects 219 4. 5. 6. Now you'll add a second effect to the star shape. Choose Effect > Texture > Grain. Adjust the settings until you are satisfied with the preview in the Grain dialog box. (We used an Intensity of 30, Contrast of 100, and Regular type.) Click OK to see the result. Notice that Grain has been added to the list of attributes in the Appearance palette. 7. Choose File > Save to save your changes. Editing an effect Effects can be edited at any time. To edit an effect, you simply double-click its name in the Appear- ance palette to display that effect's dialog box. Changes you make update the artwork. You'll change the texture you applied to the star in the last section. 1. 2. 3. Make sure that the star is still selected. If necessary, resize the Appearance palette to view all of its contents. Then double-click the Grain attribute. In the Grain dialog box, change the Type to Soft and click OK. Now you'll adjust the blending mode of the star's fill to make it glow more.