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Lesson 6. Transforming Objects > Distorting objects

Distorting objects

Various tools and filters let you distort the original shape of objects in different ways. For example, the wavy line on the bottom of the background object in the logo and on the letterhead was created by applying the Zig Zag distort filter to the straight edge.

Converting straight lines to zigzags

The Zig Zag filter adds anchor points to an existing line and then moves some of the points to the left of (or upward from) the line and some to the right of (or downward from) the line. You can specify the number of anchor points to create and the distance to move them. You can also choose whether to create smooth anchor points for a wavy line effect, or corner anchor points for a jagged line effect.

Figure . Original line, four corner ridges applied, and four smooth ridges applied

To convert straight lines to zigzags:

Do one of the following:

  • To apply the distortion permanently, use any selection tool to select the line you want to convert. Then choose Filter > Distort > Zig Zag.

  • To apply the distortion as an effect that can be removed, select an object or group, or target a group or layer in the Layers palette. (For more on targeting, see "Lesson 10, Working with Layers.") Then choose Effect > Distort & Transform > Zig Zag.

In the Size text box, enter the distance you want to move points on the line, or drag the slider.

In the Ridges per Segment text box, enter the number of ridges per segment you want, or drag the slider.

Select from the following options:

  • Smooth to create smooth points, resulting in a wavy line.

  • Corner to create corner points, resulting in a jagged line.

  • Relative to move points by a percentage of the size of the object.

  • Absolute to move points a specific amount.

Click Preview to preview the line.

Click OK.



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