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Review questions

1: What determines the file format you should use when saving images for Web publication?
A1: The style of artwork you're working with determines the file format you should use to save an image for publication on the Web. In addition, file size and image integrity may also affect which file format you use. In general, you should attempt to maintain the integrity of the image and keep the file size down.
2: Name three styles of artwork that require different file formats for publication on theWeb.
A2: Different styles of artwork include the following:
  • Flat color (such as line art, logos, or illustrations with type).

  • Full-color continuous-tone (such as bitmap images).

  • Gradient-filled.

  • Continuous-tone grayscale.

  • Black and white.

  • Animation.

  • Artwork with URL links embedded in it for an image map.

3: What is the benefit of selecting the Web palette when preparing images for publication on the World Wide Web?
A3: Selecting the Web palette ensures that your images are displayed using the same color palette, regardless of the platform on which the image is displayed.
4: What does the transparency option in a GIF file format do?
A4: Transparency makes all the unpainted areas of the artwork transparent in a Web browser. You cannot select specific areas to be transparent; only the unpainted areas are defined as transparent.
5: Describe how to select multiple objects and paint them with the same Web-safe colors.
A5: Select an object and choose Edit > Select > Same Fill Color/Stroke Color/Paint Style to select the fill, stroke, or both of all the objects in the artwork that are painted the same color. Then choose Web Safe RGB from the Color palette menu, and click a color to apply it to the selection. You can also click the Out of Web color warning cube in the Color palette to automatically switch to the nearest Web-safe color.



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