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Editing curves

To adjust the curves you've drawn, you can drag the curve's anchor points or its direction lines. You can also edit a curve by moving the line.

Select the direct-selection tool ( ), and click the outline of the pear.

Clicking with the direct-selection tool displays the curve's direction lines and lets you adjust the shape of individual curved segments. Clicking with the selection tool selects the entire path.

Figure . Use direct-selection tool to select individual segments.

Figure . Select anchor point.

Figure . Adjust anchor point.

Click the anchor point G at the top right of the pear to select it, and adjust the segment by dragging the top direction handle as shown in the illustration.

Now select the pen tool ( ) and drag to draw the small curve on the pear where the arrow will pierce it. (Use the dashed line on the template as a guide.)

Choose File > Save.

Tips for drawing curves

Keep the following guidelines in mind to help you draw any kind of curve quickly and easily:

  • Always drag the first direction point in the direction of the bump of the curve, and drag the second direction point in the opposite direction to create a single curve. Dragging both direction points in the same direction creates an S curve.

  • When drawing a series of continuous curves, draw one curve at a time, placing anchor points at the beginning and end of each curve, not at the tip of the curve. Use as few anchor points as possible, placing them as far apart as possible.

Figure . Drag in the opposite direction to create a smooth curve.

Figure . Drag in the same direction to create a to create an S curve.

Figure . Less to more efficent curves.

For information on adding, deleting, and moving anchor points on a path, see "Drawing" in online Help or Chapter 3 in the Adobe Illustrator User Guide.

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