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Lesson 2. Creating Basic Shapes > Painting the logo

Painting the logo

In Adobe Illustrator, you can paint both the fill and the stroke of shapes with colors, patterns, or gradients. You can even apply various brushes to the path (or stroke) of the shapes. For this logo, you'll use a simple method to reverse the default fill and stroke of your shapes, painting the fill with black and the stroke with white.

Select the selection tool ( ) in the toolbox, and then click the eraser shape to select it.

Click the Swap Fill and Stroke button in the toolbox.

Figure . Select eraser shape.

Figure . Swap fill and stroke.

Figure . Result

The black stroke of the rounded rectangle is transposed with the rectangle's white fill.

Click one of the two rectangles that make up the pencil body to select it, and then Shift-click to select the other rectangle. Click the Swap Fill and Stroke button in the toolbox to swap the white fills of the pencil body with the black strokes.

Click the outer rectangle (not the inner rectangle) of the stationery border to select it, and then click the Swap Fill and Stroke button.

Now you'll paint the pencil's lead tip with both a black fill and a black stroke.

Click the small triangle that represents the lead tip to select it, and choose Window > Show Color to open the Color palette.

In the Color palette, make sure that the Fill box is selected (in front of the Stroke box); then click the black color box to the right of the color bar to paint the triangle's fill with black.

Figure . A. Fill box B. Stroke box C. Color bar D.White color box E. Black color box

To complete the design, you'll draw a curvy line using the pencil tool.

Click away from the artwork to deselect it and, with the Fill box selected, click the None button in the toolbox to indicate no fill setting. Then click the Stroke box to make it active.

Select the pencil tool ( ) in the toolbox and draw a curvy line below the pencil's tip in the logo.

The curvy line remains selected after you draw it.

To adjust the path of the curvy line, drag the pencil tool along part of the selected line and then continue dragging to draw the new path.

If the Stroke palette isn't visible, choose Window > Show Stroke to display it, and then increase the stroke weight of the selected line to 3 points in the Weight text box. Press Enter or Return.



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