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Lesson 11. Creating Airbrush Effects > Highlighting a mesh object

Highlighting a mesh object

To give an object a three-dimensional appearance, you can create a gradient mesh that highlights the center or the edge of an object. Now you'll create a gradient mesh with highlighting.

Use the hand tool ( ) to move the second butterfly at the bottom of the artwork to the center of the window.

Select the selection tool ( ), and click the top forewing on the pink butterfly to select it.

Choose Object > Create Gradient Mesh.

In the Create Gradient Mesh dialog box, leave 3 entered in the Rows text box. Type 3 in the Columns text box, and make sure that the Preview option is selected.

For Appearance, choose To Edge in the dialog box; notice the change to the highlighting in the selected object. Then choose To Center from the pop-up menu.

To Edge creates a highlight on the edges of the object. To Center creates a highlight in the center of the object.

For a color illustration of highlighted mesh objects, see figure 11-1 in the color section.

Type a value between 0% and 100% in the Highlight text box (we entered 60%), and press Tab to see the change to the artwork without closing the dialog box.

A value of 100% applies a maximum white highlight to the object. A value of 0% applies no white highlight to the object.

Figure . Select top forewing.

Figure . Apply highlight and preview.

Figure . Result

Click OK to close the dialog box, and create the highlighted mesh object.

Select the direct select lasso tool ( ), and drag to draw a marquee over the tip of the forewing to select the four upper left anchor points on the mesh.

With the anchor points selected, click a color in the Color palette or Swatches palette to apply it to the points. (We selected the Color 4 swatch.)

Figure . Drag direct select lasso to select mesh points.



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