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Lesson 11. Creating Airbrush Effects > Specifying the number of mesh lines

Specifying the number of mesh lines

When you use the gradient mesh tool to create a mesh object, two intersecting mesh lines are created for every mesh point you create. Before converting an object to a mesh object, you'll specify its number of mesh lines using the Create Gradient Mesh command.

Select the selection tool ( ) in the toolbox, and click the black forewing on the butterfly to select it.

Choose Object > Create Gradient Mesh.

In the Create Gradient Mesh dialog box, select the Preview option to see the changes to the selected object without closing the dialog box. Type 3 in the Rows text box; press Tab and type 4 (the default) in the Columns text box. Leave the Appearance as Flat (the default), and click OK.

The black forewing is converted to a mesh object with three rows separated by two horizontal mesh lines and four columns separated by three vertical mesh lines.

Figure . Select black forewing.

Figure . Apply gradient mesh.

Figure . Result

The mesh object is automatically selected when you create it.

Notice that the points in the selected object are all a solid color, indicating that they're selected. Also, the object has a mesh point at the intersection of every mesh line, anchor points at the ends of the mesh lines, and some anchor points on the segments of the outlining edge that are from the original object.

Figure .

For a color illustration of selected mesh objects, see figure11-1 and figure11-2 in the color section.

Figure .

Figure . Select color.



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