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Lesson 14. Combining Illustrator Graphic... > Placing an Adobe Photoshop file

Placing an Adobe Photoshop file

You'll begin by placing a Photoshop file in the Illustrator document as an embedded file. Placed files can be embedded or linked. Embedded files are added to the Illustrator file, and the Illustrator file size increases to reflect the addition of the placed file. Linked files remain separate, external files, with a link to the placed file in the Illustrator file. (The linked file must always accompany the Illustrator file, or the link will break and the placed file will not appear in the Illustrator artwork.)

In the Layers palette, select the Checkerboard layer.

Whichever layer is selected is the layer that the placed image will reside on. Eventually you will be making a mask for the placed image. The artwork for that mask is on the Checkerboard layer, so you will add the image to the Checkerboard layer as well.

Choose File > Place.

Navigate to the Chess.psd file (in the Lesson14 folder inside the Lessons folder in the AICIB folder on your hard drive), and select it.

Click Link to deselect the option.

Placed files are linked by default. Deselecting the Link option embeds the placed file and makes it part of the Illustrator file.

The advantage of embedding a file is that the file is permanently included in the Illustrator artwork, and no link can be broken. The advantage of linking a file is that the Illustrator file size does not become as large (because the linked file is not included in the Illustrator file).

Click Place.

In the Photoshop Import dialog box, select the Convert Photoshop Layers to Objects option. Click OK.

Figure .

Rather than flatten the file, you want to convert the Photoshop layers to objects because the Chess.psd file contains two layers and one layer mask. You will use them later in the lesson.

Now you'll move the placed image, using the guides in the artwork to place the image precisely.

Select the selection tool ( ) in the toolbox. Grab the placed image at its edge (but don't grab a bounding box handle or the image will be resized), and drag the image onto the guides provided in the artwork.

The pointer turns white when you align the pointer with the guide.

Release the mouse button when you have aligned the image with the guides.

The placed image covers up the squares in the Checkerboard layer. The placed image was added as a sublayer to the Checkerboard layer because it was selected when you chose the Place command. Now you will move the image below the squares and duplicate it.

Choose File > Save.



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