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A Quick Tour of Adobe Illustrator > Drawing straight lines

Drawing straight lines

Now you'll draw some straight lines to create a window frame on two sides of the window.

Click the Default Fill and Stroke button ( ) in the toolbox to deselect the settings of the napkin.

Choose View > Outline, and then select the pen tool ( ) from the same group as the convert-anchor-point tool ( ) in the toolbox.

Make sure that the Smart Guides are turned on in the View menu, and click the anchor point on the bottom left corner of the window to begin drawing the first straight line. Then hold down Shift and click directly beneath the window to end the line.

Each time you click, you create an anchor point, and Illustrator connects the anchor points with a straight line. Holding down Shift constrains the line to vertical, horizontal, or diagonal paths.

Shift-click five more times to draw the window frame in a counterclockwise direction, ending with the same anchor point you started with. As you move the pen tool over your starting point, the pen tool displays a small circle, indicating that your last click will close the object's path.

Click the selection tool ( ) to select the frame, and then Shift-click the top of the wall to the right to select it also.

Choose View > Preview. Notice the window frame you just drew is on top of the flower. Objects are tiled in the order that they're created with the most current on top.

Choose Object > Arrange > Send to Back.



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