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The Magic of Entertainment Options 123 11. Choose the setting you prefer from the Minimum time between e-mails list box. 12. Enter the correct information in the Send to, Show "From" as, Subject, and Outgoing Mail SMTP Server text boxes. The Outgoing Mail SMTP server is the same one you normally use to send e-mail messages. 13. If your outgoing server requires authentication, select the My Mail Server Requires Authenti- cation checkbox and enter the username and password values. If you are unsure if your outgoing server requires authentication, check the account settings in your e-mail client software such as Outlook or Outlook Express. You will use the same settings as shown there. 14. Click Apply to apply your changes. Alternative Webcam Software Although the webcam software that comes with the WVC11B camera is useful, it is somewhat limi- ted. Figure 9-9 shows another alternative that you might want to consider--Active WebCam from Pysoft ( Active WebCam includes some important features such as the ca- pability to send a new image to your website at specified intervals (to greatly reduce the amount of data you are transferring) and to automatically alternate between several cameras so that several different views can be displayed.