Installing Your Network Hardware: This Won't Hurt a Bit 61 · If you rush in and just pull the cables off the back of your PC, it's quite easy to be confused when you go to hook everything up after you finish installing a network adapter. Don't panic. Most of the cables are either color-coded or will fit only one of the jacks. One handy thing to remember is that your speakers plug into the green jack. · On some PCs, the expansion slot covers lack individual screws. If you open your PC but cannot see how to remove the expansion slot cover so that you can insert your PCI network adapter, look for a couple of thumbscrews on the back of the PC that are connected to a bracket that holds all the expansion slot covers in place. Loosening those thumbscrews allows the bracket to pivot so that you can remove the expansion slot cover and install the adapter. · If your PC won't acknowledge that you installed the new PCI network adapter and you're certain that you followed the proper order for the physical installation and driver installation, the network adapter might not be fully seated in the slot. Shut down your PC, open the cover, remove the screw holding the adapter in place, and reseat the adapter. Remember that both ends of the board must be fully seated into the PCI slot for the adapter to function. Summary In this chapter, you learned how to physically install your networking equipment. You learned that you must follow the proper order--which depends on your version of Windows--to make sure that the network adapter drivers are installed correctly. In the next chapter, you will learn how to perform basic network configuration so that you can begin using your new home network.