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Part: I Why Wi-Fi? > Networking Without Wires - Pg. 29

29 Chapter 4. Networking Without Wires In this chapter · · · · Understanding networks in general Hardware components of a wired network Adding Wi-Fi capability to an existing network versus creating a Wi-Fi network from scratch Equipment you'll need to add Wi-Fi capability to your network, or to create a Wi-Fi network In Chapter 3, "Hitting the Road with Wi-Fi," I gave you a taste of how easy it is to connect on the road--at coffee shops or hotels--using Wi-Fi. But perhaps you already know how to do this (it's easy enough, particularly with a mobile computer with integrated Wi-Fi, that this wouldn't be sur- prising). Or, maybe you don't care because, well, because you never travel. Whatever the reason, that's fine! Wi-Fi is a great tool for more than mobile computing. You can use Wi-Fi at home or in the office to construct a network without the hassle (and expense) of dealing with wires and drilling holes through the walls. Furthermore, using Wi-Fi for your home or small office