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Part V: APPENDIXES > Computer Hardware (Drives, Motherboards, RAM, UPS, Tape Ba... - Pg. 339

ONLINE NETWORKING RESOURCES 339 Network Interface Cards (Including Phone Line Networks and Wireless Networks) Web Address ucts/nics.html ucts/ ucts/selector/index.shtml Site Name 3Com Network In- terface Cards Linksys Product In- formation IBM Networking Hardware Intel Wireless Proxim Diamond Official Bluetooth Site Resource Type Provides resources for selecting Ethernet NICs for client computers and network servers. A link is also provided to 3Com's token ring NIC products and home networking products for phone line and USB networks. Provides links to both Ethernet NICs and wireless NICs. Links are also provided for hubs and wireless access points. Provides links to Token Ring networking hardware and other IBM con- nectivity products. Provides links to different wireless networking products from Intel. Wireless NICs and other connectivity devices for home and enterprise networks. Home and corporate networking products, including NICs and modems. Information on Bluetooth technology and links to Bluetooth-qualified wireless hardware technology. Network Connectivity Hardware (Hubs, Switches, and Routers) Web Address Site Name Cisco Systems Resource Type Provides links to white papers on net- working topics and links to information on different Cisco connectivity products, such as hubs, switches, and routers.