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Chapter Summary

  • Most network operating systems provide a logging feature that logs hardware or driver issues experienced on the server. In the Microsoft Windows 2000 Server environment, a utility called the Event Viewer is provided. It allows you to view a System Log that contains any alerts related to system failures. The equivalent log file on a NetWare server is the SYS$LOG.ERR file.

  • Monitoring hardware and establishing baselines allows you to determine whether hardware on a server (such as the processor and memory) is being overtaxed and could lead to server failure.

  • Disk requests and server processes in the NetWare environment can be viewed using the NetWare Console Monitor.

  • Windows NT and 2000 Server provide the Performance Monitor, which allows you to create a baseline log for various server hardware components and monitor hardware usage over time.

  • The Performance Monitor allows you to add various counters to the Performance Monitor chart, which allows you to view counter statistics in real time.

  • Network usage and traffic can be monitored using network monitoring software such as protocol sniffers. Novell's popular LANalyzer software uses various gauges to provide network usage information.

  • The Windows Network Monitor provides you with the ability to view network traffic and capture network frames to examine information such as the sending address on data packets and the amount of traffic generated by specific devices on the network.

  • The ipconfig command can be executed from the command line to view the IP configuration of a Windows NT or 2000 computer. Other commands, such as ping and traceroute, can be used with a number of different operating systems to check the connection between two network devices or the route that data takes when moving from a sending to a receiving device on the network.

  • Cable connection problems can be checked with devices such as voltmeters and time domain reflectometers.

  • Troubleshooting requires good documentation and a logical approach to problem solving.



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