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Chapter Summary

  • Your corporate presence on the Web can take the form of marketing Web sites, or you can use the Web as a platform for an online store.

  • Web sites make good marketing tools in that they allow you to provide customers with varied content, such as print, pictures, sound, and video. A Web site can deliver more content types than any other advertising medium.

  • Creating a Web site that serves as an online store will also require an application server that can manage your inventory and orders databases.

  • Online transactions require stringent security. A number of different security strategies exist for online transactions, including SSL, SET, and SHTTP.

  • Hosting your own Web site requires that you have the proper hardware infrastructure, including a Web server and perhaps other servers, such as a firewall, application server, and so on.

  • Web server software is available for a variety of the NOS environments. NetWare and Microsoft Windows Server both include Web servers as part of the NOS. Apache Web Server is a popular Web server used on Unix/Linux servers.

  • Web-hosting services can provide the hardware infrastructure and the appropriate servers to host your Web site and supply a secure Web environment. Online hosting services provided by Yahoo! and Microsoft make it easy for a small business to have a Web site, and these services will even help you get your domain name.

  • Web pages consist of text documents containing HTML tags.

  • A Web page can be created as an HTML text document using a text editor.

  • Web design software makes it easy to create complex Web sites. Web design tools such as Macromedia Dreamweaver and Microsoft FrontPage provide wizards and other features that allow for the creation of Web pages without HTML coding.

  • Building an intranet allows you to take advantage of Internet-based services such as Web pages for internal corporate use.



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