Imagine, at a terrifyingly aggressive rate, everything you regularly use is being equipped with computer technology. Think about your phone, cameras, cars-everything-being automated and programmed by people who in their rush to accept the many benefits of the silicon chip, have abdicated their responsibility to make these products easy to use. The Inmates Are Running the Asylum argues that the business executives who make the decisions to develop these products are not the ones in control of the technology used to create them. Insightful and entertaining, The Inmates Are Running the Asylum uses the author's experiences in corporate America to illustrate how talented people continuously design bad software-based products and why we need technology to work the way average people think. Somewhere out there is a happy medium that makes these types of products both user and bottom-line friendly; this book discusses why we need to quickly find that medium.

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"Inmates Are Running the Asylum" - by Mahesh Rangarajan on 06-JUL-2015
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Even after so many years since the book has been published, the fundamental root cause still continues to exist and bother all of us in the industry. It is amazing that in the IT industry, we never seem to (be willing to) learn and improve. The same is the story in Software Engineering (and I dread to think we like to call ourselves Engineers at all!!).

A fascinating book, really showcases the need for Design - and finally, the industry seems to be waking up to its need by coining a new term of "Design Thinking" around these concepts.

Must read for every serious student of computer science (and art of it).

Highly Recommended.

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