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Chapter 1. Why Wireless? > Who Should Read This Book?

Who Should Read This Book?

We had a particular audience in mind when we wrote this book. You'll get the most out of the book if one of the following is true of you.

  • I've just bought a laptop, and I want to share my desktop computer's Internet connection. How can I share that connection cheaply and easily?

  • I have a small wired network to share files and an Internet connection between two desktop computers, but now I want to add my laptop to the mix without needing any network cables. What should I buy to add my laptop to the network?

  • I've just moved, and running Ethernet cables where I need network access is too expensive and too much work. I want all my computers to share an Internet connection without pulling cable. Will wireless networking solve my problems?

  • I have a wireless network in place and working, but I can't receive the signal in some rooms. How can I extend my network's range?

  • I bought everything I need, and I set up my wireless network, but I just can't make the darn thing work with my Internet connection. Can this book tell me what I did wrong?

  • I travel a lot. What do I need in terms of hardware, software, and accounts to get wireless Internet access wherever I go?

  • I can't get DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) or cable modem access to the Internet, but I've heard that I might be able to get high-speed wireless access to the Internet in my location. How do I make this happen?

  • I'm trying to understand how wireless networking works so I can advise my department on whether or not we should invest in the technology. Can this book explain the basics of wireless networking, tell me what's coming up, and point to useful Web sites where I can learn more?

  • My friends and colleagues turn to me as their Internet and computer guru, and they're all interested in wireless networking. What information do I need to start setting up networks for home users?

  • I'm worried about crackers tapping into my wireless network and stealing my company's sensitive product plans. How do I ensure that my network is secure?



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