Is your computer safe? Could an intruder sneak in and steal your information, or plant a virus? Have you locked your castle gate?

This book outlines the fundamental concepts and techniques behind information security that every computer user needs to know.

Primarily geared toward home and small business Windows users, Have You Locked the Castle Gate? is a basic yet highly effective guide to protecting your personal files, fending off viruses and hackers, and purchasing goods and services securely online. It addresses common security issues in a clear, easy-to-understand way that nontechnical users will greatly appreciate.

You will learn about

  • Basic security concepts and practices for your computer, network, and server.

  • Authentication and encryption fundamentals. Are users who they say they are?

  • Defending against hackers, and the reasons why someone would want to hack you.

  • Viruses, worms, hoaxes, spam, and other nuisances and threats.

  • The best places to go for additional expert information about Internet security.

  • And much more.

Woven throughout the text is the instructive story of the Smiths, a nineteenth-century frontier family working hard to protect their home and property from various kinds of intruders. In many ways the issues that they face reflect our contemporary need to protect our computers, networks, data&#8212and selves&#8212on the modern frontier of the Internet.

If you pay bills online, discuss personal matters via e-mail, use software to file your taxes, or just surf the Web, don't leave your castle gate unlocked. Have You Locked the Castle Gate? is a must read for you.


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