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Review Questions

1:What two types of access are there for telecommuters to connect to a SOHO LAN?
A1: Answer: There is dialup access through a RAS server and Internet access through a VPN server.
2:A VPN server relies on what protocols to connect to remote telecommuting users?
A2: Answer: The VPN server uses TCP/IP to connect through the Internet to remote telecommuter PC hosts.
3:What legal and business issues must be addressed by an enterprise considering telecommuting?
A3: Answer: An enterprise considering telecommuting must address each of the same business and legal issues it faces at centralized facilities. In general the laws and regulations that apply to any centralized business facility also apply to the telecommuter's office. This means that OSHA, worker's compensation, zoning, and more must be addressed by the enterprise for each remote telecommuter site.
4:Why is telecommuting important at all?
A4: Answer: With advancing technology, changing social patterns, increased travel difficulty, and dispersed labor pools, some form of telecommuting is inevitable for most workers.
5:What application can improve the ability of the telecommuter to participate more effectively in project work at a central site?
A5: Answer: Video teleconferencing using Microsoft's NetMeeting software permits video teleconferencing and work collaboration over high-speed and dialup communications links.
6:What is a drawback of Microsoft's NetMeeting software?
A6: Answer: Video resources of a host PC are not effectively shared between NetMeeting and other video-intensive multimedia applications. For example, my TV viewing program does not effectively share the video output to the display screen with Microsoft's NetMeeting software. Consequently, I must run the TV viewing program or the NetMeeting software, but I cannot run both simultaneously without causing a conflict with the PC host's video resources.



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