• Choose the right network-wired or wireless

  • Set up your hardware and Windows networking—step by step!

  • Share your high-speed Internet connection

  • Secure your network and protect your data

  • Build a networked multimedia entertainment PC

The quick, easy guide to networking your PCs—and making the most of your network!

Own more than one PC? Now's the time to network them. Networked PCs are more powerful, more convenient, more cost-effective, more fun ... and networking is easier and cheaper than ever! In SOHO Networking, one of the world's most practical and experienced PC and networking professionals gives you all the help you'll need. Step by step, you'll learn how to choose equipment, set up your network, share your resources and Internet connections, and keep "prying eyes" out—whether they're inside your house or half a world away. Best of all, you'll learn how to do more with your network than you ever thought possible!

  • Choose the right network for you: wired or wireless, peer-to-peer or server-based

  • Set up your hardware and Windows networking

  • Share high-speed Internet access throughout your home or office

  • Protect your networks with firewalls and other security tools

  • Set up reliable, secure telecommuting

  • Build a networked multimedia entertainment PC—and listen to MP3s anywhere

  • Use your network and VoIP telephony instead of an expensive PBX

  • Troubleshoot network problems quickly and easily

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