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Chapter 14. Jini > LICENSING TECHNOLOGIES - Pg. 190

Jini 190 Making Life Easier Jini technology gives users a unique, more convenient option for accessing the services in their neighborhood and the world at large. With Jini software, a laptop or home computer can join the local community of services offered by neighborhood retailers. Rather than drive to your local in- stant-copy store, you might simply access its services application from your home computer that has joined the local Jini technology network. You tell it what you want copied and where to deliver the job; it takes care of the rest. Reduced Cost of Ownership Self-managing devices reduce further the need for expert help, and this should lower the total cost of ownership for Jini-connection-technology-based systems. Ease of Development Because Jini technology is based on the Java platform, any existing development tool that can be used for Java software development can be used for Jini software development. In addition, utility classes and implementations are being developed that will be freely available, which will ease the development of services and clients using Jini technology. Small Footprint The code required to implement Jini technology is so small that all types of home appliances can use it, from lamps and coffee makers to dishwashers and water heaters.