• Covers all the latest home networking technologies

  • Phoneline, powerline, and wireless networks

  • Shared broadband Internet technologies

  • Residential gateways

  • Middleware and APIs: HAVi(r), Jini, UPnP, and more

  • For consumers, investors, executives, marketing/PR professionals, and developers

Your complete guide to the home networking revolution!

Home networking is a market that's about to explode—and whether you're a consumer, investor, executive, marketing/PR professional, or developer, you need to understand it. Only one book covers all you need to know: The Essential Guide to Home Networking Technologies. This book starts where other home networking guides leave off, with thorough, expert coverage of every issue and technology driving home networking. Coverage includes:

  • Home networking benefits: convenience, time savings, entertainment, security, and more

  • How home networks work—and how they're different from business networks

  • Who's competing in this market—in the U.S. and worldwide

  • Phoneline networks, including Home Phoneline Networking Alliance systems

  • Powerline networks: X10, CEBus, Enikia, and Inari

  • Wireless networks: RF and infrared

  • Home control and automation systems, including LonWorks(r)

  • Connecting to phone and cable providers: cable modems, digital set-top boxes, personal video recorders, game consoles, home servers, and more

  • Connecting to the Internet: DSL, HFC, wireless cable, satellite, B-ISDN, and powerline wide area networks

  • Home networking middleware and APIs: HAVi, Jini, UPnP, HomeAPI, OSGi, and HomePnP

As millions of households buy additional computers, electronics giants introduce networkable home entertainment devices, and Internet connections show up throughout the house, home networks bring it all together—delivering compelling new consumer benefits along the way. Whether you're building a network at home—or a home network business strategy—this is your complete guide to the home networking revolution.

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