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Chapter 22.  Working with the Custom Rep... > Formatting Your Custom Report - Pg. 260

260 CHAPTER 17: CREATING A SCRAPBOOK 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Click on the Search down arrow. The Search drop-down menu will appear. Click on the search option you want to use. The option will be selected. In the for field, type the term for which you want to search. Click on the Find next button. The Family Page window will appear. Click on the Scrapbk button for the individual who is in the Family Page. The individual's scrapbook will appear, and you will be able to view the scrapbook objects, one of which will fit your search criteria. NOTE Continue to click on the Find next button until Family Tree Maker has found the individual you want. Once that person's Family Page is displayed, you can click on the Cancel button to close the Find Individual dialog box. TIP Family Tree Maker treats each person's scrapbook separately. You may see a message saying that Family Tree Maker has reached the end of the scrapbook and asking if you want to continue searching. Answering yes will begin the search in other people's scrapbooks. ftm ch 17(E).PM6.5 260 8/21/02, 11:23 AM