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Chapter 24.  Enhancing Your Family Histo... > Renaming Outline Items - Pg. 276

276 CHAPTER 18: CREATING A FAMILY HISTORY BOOK Creating a Customized Index Family Tree Maker allows you to include an index in your family history book. Genealogists for years to come will be pleased to find that your book has an index. While Family Tree Maker does the hard work of organizing the page numbers, you control the look and feel of the index. 1. 2. Click on Index in the Available items list. The option will be highlighted. Click on Add. The index will be added to the end of the Outline for list. 3. 4. In the Outline for list, click on Index. The option will be highlighted. Click on Edit. The Index of Individuals Report will appear. ftm ch 18(E).PM6.5 276 8/21/02, 11:23 AM