The user-friendly approach taken by this series is appealing to both the beginner and the experienced user. Each page of the fast & easy "RM" books is filled with actual screen shots so readers can easily follow along with the step-by-step instructions that are provided. The low price makes books in the fast & easy "RM" series learning tools that are truly hard to resist! Satisfied readers have made this series an established success that continues to be a hit with users at all levels.


  • Ready to begin adding family members? Go to Chapter 3

  • Need to document sources as you gather information? Learn how in Chapter 5

  • Wonder how you can correct or add to your files? Turn to Chapter 11

  • Have questions about options for creating reports? Get the answers in Chapter 13

  • Want to publish your family history in a scrapbook? Get some tips in Chapter 17

  • Ready to share your information online? Learn how in Chapter 19

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