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Chapter 4. Creating Photo Books > Save a Photo Book as a PDF - Pg. 72

Creating Photo Books TIPS 72 If you want to print only a range of pages from the currently selected photo book, click the Advanced Options button on the Print dialog box and then select the From radio button. Type the page numbers for the start and end pages. To print multiple copies, type the desired number of copies in the Copies field or click the spin buttons to change the number. Print the Book Click the Print button to print the book to the printer specified in the Printer field. If you have multiple printers available, select the desired printer from the Printer drop-down list. A progress dialog box appears as the photo book spools to the printer and prints. If you want to cancel the print job, click the Cancel button that appears on the dialog box as iPhoto creates each page of the book. 6. Save a Photo Book as a PDF Before You Begin 21 About Photo Books 22 Select a Book Theme 23 Design Book Pages See Also 26 Print a Photo Book 28 Order a Photo Book Online If you want to distribute your photo book digitally, a good method is to create a PDF version of it. By creating a PDF, you can distribute the completed photo book electronically so that others can view it using Adobe Acrobat Reader. By creating a PDF of your photo book, you can distribute a single file to others, instead of individual photo files. When you save a photo book as a PDF file, iPhoto creates the PDF file using basically the same process you use to print the photo book. You must specify a name for the PDF file and the location where you want to store the file. As a default, iPhoto stores the file in your personal Documents folder, but you can store it in any other location. KEY TERM PDF (Portable Document Format)--An electronic file format developed by Adobe for dis- tributing electronic documents in a standardized format. 1. Select the Photo Book From the left side of the iPhoto window, select the album for the photo book you want to print. The Cover page of the selected photo book displays in the main viewing area. Display the Print Dialog Box Choose File, Print to display the Print dialog box. 2.