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Chapter 14. Adding Visual Effects to a M... > Apply an Effect Over Time - Pg. 271

Adding Visual Effects to a Movie WEB RESOURCE 271 Apple lists some of the available third-party packages at this Web site. Although iMovie provides only several default effects, you can load additional effects that have been created by third-party developers. When you run the installation programs for the effects packages, the new effects are automatically loaded so that they display on the Effects pane. 3. Select the Effect Click to select the desired effect from the Effects pane. Drag the corresponding sliders under the list of effects to customize the settings for the effect. As you make changes to the settings, the preview window shows the changes. TIP 4. You can preview the effect on the selected clip on the Timeline in the Monitor by clicking the Preview button. Add the Effect to a Clip After you have specified the settings for the effect, click the Apply button to add the effect to the selected clip on the Timeline . iMovie renders the selected video clip to add the effect.