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Chapter 15. Adding Sound to a Movie > Add Music from a CD - Pg. 286

Adding Sound to a Movie 286 Move the Playhead to the desired location on the Timeline and click the Place at Playhead button. You can also click an audio clip and drag it to the desired location on one of the audio tracks in the Timeline . Add Music from a CD Before You Begin 117 About Audio Tracks and Audio Formats See Also 118 Incorporate Sound Effects into a Movie 119 Add Music from iTunes 121 Create Voiceover Effects You can add music to a movie from any audio CD. You access the tracks on audio CDs from the Audio pane by selecting the CD as the desired audio source. When you add music from an audio CD, iMovie inserts the entire song at the specified location on the timeline. If you want only a portion of the song in the movie, you must split the audio clip on the Timeline. See 123 Split an Audio Clip for more information. 1. Display the Audio Pane Click the Audio button to display the Audio pane. iMovie remembers the last sound effect you used and highlights it on the Audio pane. NOTE