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Chapter 9. The iPhoto Slideshow > Control Over the Show

9.5. Control Over the Show

All types of iPhoto slideshows run themselves, advancing from photo to photo according to the timings you've specified. However, you can still control a slideshow after it starts running in a number of ways. Although some of these functions are represented by icons on the control bar (see Section 6.4), it's nice to know that you can also trigger them from the keyboard, with or without the control bar. Your options:

  • Pause it. Press the Space bar at any point to pause a slideshow. The music keeps playing, but the photos stop advancing. If the control bar isn't onscreen, a glowing Pause indicator briefly appears in the lower portion of the picture. When you're ready to move to the next slide and resume the auto-advancing of pictures, press Space again. A small Play indicator appears onscreen momentarily to confirm that iPhoto understands your command.

  • Manual advance. Press the right or left arrow keys to advance to the next or previous photo, overriding the preset timing. In fact, once you hit either arrow key, the slideshow shifts into manual mode and stops advancing the photos altogether. A small translucent bar with arrows and a Play button appears onscreen to indicate that iPhoto is listening to your key presses.

    At this point, you can continue to use the arrow keys to move through all the photos—or stay on one photo for the rest of your life, for all iPhoto cares. As with the pause command, the music track keeps on playing. (To stop the music, you must end the slideshow.)

    In short, this is a terrific setup for a slideshow that you're narrating in person.

  • Back to auto-advance. To return a slideshow to autoplay mode after you've used one of the arrow keys, press the Space bar. The photos advance automatically once again. Another option is to just wait a moment. As the onscreen arrows or control bar fade away, auto-advancing will resume.

  • Speed it up or slow it down. Press the up or down arrow keys to speed up or slow down the slideshow on the fly. You'll discover that iPhoto can't create a stroboscopic, three-frames-per-second effect; one picture per second is about its maximum speed. (Give the poor thing a break—it's got a lot of data to scoop off the hard drive and throw onto your screen.)


    The changes you make manually are temporary. The next time you run a slideshow, you'll start again with the timing set in the Slideshow dialog box.

  • Rate the photos. Even if you haven't summoned the control bar, you can rate photos as they flash by just by tapping the corresponding number keys on your keyboard: 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 for the corresponding number of stars, or 0 to remove the rating altogether.

  • Rotate the photos. If a photo appears sideways, press -R to rotate it counterclockwise, or Option--R to rotate it clockwise. (Or vice versa, if you've fooled around with iPhoto's Preferences dialog box.)

  • Delete the duds. When a forgettable photo appears, press the Delete or Del key on your keyboard to move it to the iPhoto Trash, without even interrupting the show. (Unless you have very understanding family and friends, you may want to do this before you show the pictures to others for the first time.)



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