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Chapter 8. Editing Your Shots > Advanced Fine-Tuning

8.2. Advanced Fine-Tuning

iPhoto 5 introduces a new floating panel for power users who used to go galloping off to Photoshop every time they needed greater control over photo editing. It includes sliders for these parameters:

  • Brightness/Contrast. These sliders can tone down bright, overexposed images or lighten up those that look too dark and shadowy. While the Enhance button takes an all-or-nothing approach to fixing a photo, the Brightness and Contrast controls let you make tiny adjustments to the settings.

  • Saturation, Temperature, Tint. These sliders affect the overall color of a picture: its vividness, warmth, and color cast.

  • Sharpness. There's no rescuing a completely out-of-focus shot. But this slider can take a photo a few percentage points closer to sharp, or—in situations where a traditional photographer might smear a little Vaseline on the lens—blur the picture softly to hide your subject's wrinkles and flaws.

  • Straighten. Here's a really fun new control. In one quick twitch of the mouse, you can rotate a crooked shot slightly so that it appears square with the horizon.

  • Exposure. Like magic, this slider lets you fix most over- and underexposed shots, allowing you to crank up the flash or bring details out of shadow.

  • Levels. Using these sophisticated controls, you can compress or expand the lights and darks across a photo's spectrum—a function that will make a lot more sense when you try it.



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