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Chapter 14. Safari RSS > Customize the RSS information display

Customize the RSS information display

When you go to an RSS news feed page, Safari adds a column on the right containing controls and options that let you display the information in a way that works best for you.

  • Search the articles on an RSS page. Type a keyword or phrase in the Search Articles field. As you type, the article list shows only articles whose headline or text contain the words you're typing.

  • If you want to see more or less of an article summary, you can adjust it here. Drag the Article Length slider left to see less summary text, to the right to see more. Drag all the way left to show only headlines. The maximum amount of text that can be shown varies for different RSS sites, depending on how many news feeds are being displayed.

  • Sort the articles on the page by selecting one of the items in the Sort By category.

  • From the Recent Articles category, choose how recent you want the displayed articles to be.

  • The Source item tells you where the news feeds are coming from. Click the source name to jump to that web site.

  • In the Actions category, click “Mail Link to This Page” to send an email to someone with this RSS address automatically placed in the message. If you haven't yet bookmarked this RSS page, the “Actions” item also contains an “Add Bookmark…” link (shown below-right). Click “Add Bookmark…” to open the drop-down sheet shown on the previous page.



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