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Chapter 4. iDVD > General preferences

General preferences

Project Settings:

  • Show Drop Zones: Check this to show the drop zones in menus.

  • Show Apple logo watermark: This places the Apple logo in menu designs.

  • Delete rendered files on closing a project: This will help conserve hard disk space. If you plan to burn other DVDs of the same project, uncheck this option.

Encoder Settings:

  • Best Quality: Choose this if you want the best quality possible, or if you have more than 60 minutes of video. iDVD will evaluate how much video you have and produce the best quality possible for the number of minutes in the project.

  • Best Performance: Choose this if you have less than 60 minutes of video in your project; it will burn faster, but perhaps with less quality.

  • Enable background encoding: If you chose “Best Performance,” this option allows iDVD to begin encoding your project into the MPEG-2 format required by DVD specifications. If background encoding slows down your computer, uncheck this box, and iDVD will postpone the encoding until you're ready to burn the project onto a DVD.

Video Standard

Choose “NTSC” if your DVD will be played on a consumer DVD player in North America or Japan. A few other non-European countries also use the NTSC format. Most European and other countries use the PAL format.

NTSC uses 29.97 frames per second.

PAL uses 25 frames per second.


Click the “Reset” button if you've turned off certain alert messages when they appeared, but would like to see them again.

“Check for iDVD updates automatically” enables iDVD to connect to the Internet and check for available updates.

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