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Chapter 5. GarageBand > Musical Typing

Musical Typing

If you don't have a MIDI keyboard that you can connect to your computer, you can use your computer keyboard as a music keyboard. If you're musically talented and can play keyboards, this technique might actually be a productive one. For those of us who can barely type words, musical typing is just fun experimentation. In any case, it's pretty amazing.

From the Window menu choose “Musical Typing.” The “Musical Typing” window opens (shown below) and shows the computer keys that can be used to play notes and act as effects controllers.

Select a Software Instrument track to play.

Play notes using the keys on your keyboard that correspond to the keys in the “Musical Typing” window. The keys in the window highlight as you play.

  • To move the pitch up by octaves, Press Z.

  • To move the pitch down by octaves, Press X.

  • To raise or lower velocity, press C or V.

  • Key 3 turns modulation off.

  • Keys 4 through 8 change the modulation value.

  • To bend the pitch down, press 1. To bend the pitch up, press 2. The pitch continues to bend as long as you hold down the key.

  • The Tab key sustains notes, similar to a sustain pedal on a piano. Press the Tab key to turn sustain on and off.

  • The middle row of keys on your computer keyboard play the “white keys” on a piano. The W, E, T, Y, U, O, and P keys in the top row play the piano's “black keys” (sharp and flat notes).

  • To change the octave range of the keyboard, click in the thumbnail keyboard to highlight a different section of keys.



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