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Chapter 2. iTunes > Advanced preferences

Advanced preferences

The Advanced button has settings to designate a location for storing your music files, as well as options for burning CDs.

  • iTunes Music folder location: Music files created by iTunes are automatically stored on your startup hard disk. Specifically, they are stored in a folder called “iTunes Music,” which is in a folder called “iTunes,” which is in your “Music” folder. This folder contains all of the music files you've encoded. You can change this default location to any location you choose: Click the “Change…” button and choose another folder or hard disk.

    Every individual user account has her own “iTunes” folder inside the home “Music” folder.

  • Streaming Buffer Size: Refers to the Radio Tuner and the Music Store preview songs. The buffer size determines how much streaming data is cached (temporarily stored) on your hard disk when you listen to an Internet radio stream or play a preview. The buffer is like padding that compensates for connection problems that would affect the quality of a direct stream. If you've determined that your connection to the Internet is low-quality, change this setting from “Medium” to “Large.” A large buffer gives iTunes more downloaded streaming data to use for compensation as it deals with slow or faulty connections.

  • Shuffle by: Shuffle the playing order of songs by Song or Album.

  • Keep iTunes Music folder organized: This places song files into album and artist folders (in the iTunes Music folder), and names the files based on the disc number, track number, and song title.

  • Copy files to iTunes Music folder when adding to library: Puts a copy of a song in the iTunes folder if you import songs from other locations on your computer. The original song remains in its original location. This is similar to the “Consolidate Library” command in the Advanced menu, which puts a copy of all songs in your Library when the original is located somewhere else on your computer.

  • When you click the green Zoom button in the top-left corner of the iTunes window, the window minimizes to a small, space-saving Mini Player. Select Keep Mini Player on top of all other windows to always keep the Mini Player visible and on top of other windows.



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