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Chapter 2. iTunes > Store preferences

Store preferences

The Store preferences pane lets you choose how you want to shop at the iTunes Music Store, along with several other options.

  • Show iTunes Music Store: Put a checkmark in this box to show the “Music Store” icon in the Source pane.

    If you uncheck this box, the “Music Store” icon disappears from the Source pane, and all Quick Link buttons disappear from the Source pane and the Detail window.

  • Buy and download using 1-Click: If you have an Apple Account, when you click a song's “Buy” button in the Music Store the song is purchased and downloaded immediately. Very easy and convenient.

  • Buy using a Shopping Cart: This selection puts a “Shopping Cart” icon in the Source pane, under the “Music Store” icon. All “Buy Now” buttons in the Music Store change to “Add” buttons. When you click a song's “Add” button, the song is added to the shopping cart until you're ready to buy. Then you can click “Buy Song” to purchase a single song in the shopping cart, or click “Buy Now” to purchase all items in the shopping cart.

    A shopping cart is useful for collecting songs you want to consider buying or for reviewing songs that your children have selected.

  • Play songs after downloading: If you want a song to automatically play as soon as it's downloaded, click this box.

  • Load complete preview before playing: If a slow Internet connection causes the streaming previews in the Music Store to stutter and stop, click this box to ensure a full-quality song preview. iTunes will download the complete preview stream before playing it.



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