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Chapter 2. iTunes > Audio preferences

Audio preferences

Click the Audio button to change how your music plays.

  • Check the Crossfade playback checkbox to fade music smoothly between songs without a long gap of silence. This effect is one of our favorites. The slider adjusts the amount of time it takes to fade out of one song and to fade in to the next song. Move the slider all the way to the right for the smoothest transition with the least silence between songs.

  • Check the Sound Enhancer box to add depth and liven the quality of the music. The slider increases or decreases the effect, which is subtle but noticeable.

  • Check the Sound Check box to make all songs play at the same volume level.

    Leave the “Sound Check” box unchecked if you want to vary the volume level of different songs using the volume control in the iTunes window.

    When you burn a CD, these effects do not carry over to the CD.

  • Select Look for remote speakers connected with AirTunes if you have an AirPort Express connected to remote speakers. AirPort Express is a small device you plug into the wall, then connect it to powered speakers. AirTunes is the technology that lets iTunes stream music wirelessly to the remote speakers through the AirPort Express.

    When an AirPort Express device is plugged into a power outlet within wireless range of your computer, iTunes detects it and adds a pop-up menu to the iTunes window from which you can select the connected remote speakers.

  • Select Disable iTunes volume control for remote speakers if you want to control the volume of remote speakers from the remote speakers, instead of using the iTunes volume control on your computer. This can be very useful when the remote speakers are in a different room from your computer.



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