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Chapter 2. iTunes > General preferences

General preferences

Click the General button to see the General preferences.

  • Source Text and Song Text: Choose to use “Small” or “Large” text in the Source pane and in the Detail window (the large pane of songs). The actual size difference between “Large” and “Small” is not dramatic.

  • Show Party Shuffle or Radio: Select these to show them in the Source pane.

  • Show genre when browsing: This option can be helpful when using the Browse feature (page 79) to search through a large collection of music files. It adds a “Genre” column to the “Artist” and “Album” columns that become visible when you click the “Browse” button.

  • Group compilations when browsing: This creates an item in the “Artist” column of the Browser (see page 79) named “Compilations” (see page 94). Click on “Compilations” to see a list of albums (in the “Album” column) that contain songs marked as compilations.

    A compilation is a collection of songs that you choose to group together.

    To make any song part of a compilation, select the song, then press Command-I to open the Song Information window. Click the “Info” button, then click “Part of a compilation.”

  • Show links to Music Store: This option makes the Quick Link buttons show in iTunes' Source pane and Detail window. Quick Links are shortcuts to that song's page on the iTunes Music Store site.

    See pages 126-127 for iPod preferences.

    In the Browser, the song will appear in “Compilations” under its album name.

  • On CD Insert: This pop-up menu offers options for what happens when you insert a CD. Choose one of these options:

    • Show Songs displays the music titles, artist, and album information, but will not play music until you double-click a song. If you haven't retrieved the CD track names from the Internet, only the CD track numbers and times will show.

    • Begin Playing automatically starts playing a CD when it's inserted.

    • Import Songs automatically begins importing songs and placing them in iTunes' Library when a CD is inserted.

    • Import Songs and Eject does the same thing as above, then automatically ejects the CD when complete.

  • Connect to Internet when needed: This option enables iTunes to connect to the Internet whenever you insert a CD so it can retrieve song titles and other information from CDDB, an Internet database of CD albums. iTunes also connects to the Internet when you select “Radio” or “Music Store” in the Source pane. And whenever you click a Quick Link button (a white arrow in a gray circle), iTunes connects to the iTunes Music Store. If you have a modem connection instead of a broadband Internet connection, you may prefer to uncheck this item to avoid having your modem dial up at unwanted times.

    If you choose to uncheck this option, you can manually retrieve CD titles whenever you like: Connect to the Internet, then from the “Advanced” menu in the menu bar, choose “Get CD Track Names.”

  • Check for iTunes updates automatically: This option checks Apple's web site for you to see if software updates are available for iTunes.

  • Use iTunes for Internet music playback: This option sets iTunes as your default multi-media audio player when you download an audio file or click an audio file link on the web.



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