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Chapter 13. iCal > To invite someone to an event

To invite someone to an event

Select an iCal event, then click the Show Info button.

In the Info drawer, click next to the “attendees” label and enter the name of a person to invite. As you type, iCal lists matching names from Address Book in a pop-up menu. Choose the name you want, or continue typing a name.

Or click on the “attendees” label and select “Open Address Book” from the pop-up menu (left). When Address Book opens, drag a contact's vCard from the Address Book window and drop it on top of the attendees label. A small “attendee” icon (circled on the right) appears in the top bar of an event item when one or more attendees are invited.

Recipients that have iCal, or some other calendar application that can read .ics files (the Open Source iCal format), get an .ics invitation attached to an email invitation.

When you're ready to send email invitations, click on the “attendees” label and select “Send Invitations” from the pop-up menu. Mail automatically sends email messages to all the people in the attendees list (if they have an email address in Address Book).

The recipient gets a message like the one shown below-left.

When a recipient clicks the attached .ics file, the event is added to their iCal. The top section of iCal's Info drawer shows the event information; the bottom section provides reply options in the “my status” pop-up menu, and a “Reply” button that automatically sends your response via email.

When the recipient chooses “Accept” in the “my status” pop-up menu and clicks the “Reply” button, you receive an email like the one shown on the right. Click the .ics attachment to update iCal with the “Accept” response. The “attendees” item in the Info drawer shows a small status icon (below) next to each attendee (Tentative, Accept, or Refuse).



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