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Chapter 3. iMovie > Make a Magic iMovie

Make a Magic iMovie

If you want to make a movie quickly, without fussing over finely tuned editing, you can let iMovie compose the movie for you. You specify the title, transitions between scenes, and a music soundtrack. iMovie does the rest—imports the video and creates the movie. You can even choose to automatically send the finished movie to iDVD where you can create a custom designed DVD that will play on any DVD-enabled computer or almost any consumer DVD player.

Connect a video camera to your computer with a FireWire cable. Set the camera to “Play” (some cameras call this setting VCR or VTR).

Open iMovie and click “Make a Magic iMovie” in the project selection window (shown below-left). If iMovie is already open, from the File menu, choose “Make a Magic Movie….”

In the “Create Project” window (above-right), enter a project name and choose where you want to save it. Click the “Create” button.

In the dialog window (right), enter text for an opening title in the “Movie title” field and select the checkboxes of the options you want to use in your Magic iMovie.

To add a music soundtrack to your movie, click the “Choose Music…” button. The “Choose Music” window opens, shown on the following page.

Drag songs you want to add to your movie to the right side of the “Choose Music” window, set the volume, then click OK.

Click “Create.” iMovie begins the process of importing video from the camera and adding transitions or music if you specified them.



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