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Chapter 4. iDVD

iDVD doesn't help you edit a movie—it assembles finished movies into a beautiful presentation that lets you choose which movie to play. An iDVD project can contain multiple movies and slideshows. If you used iMovie's feature of setting chapter markers to identify scenes in your movie, you can create DVD “menus” with links that let you jump straight to those scenes. Even if your original movie doesn't include chapter markers, iDVD can create some to enable navigation to specific parts of a movie.

iDVD can also create slideshows from still photos. Because iDVD is closely integrated with other iLife applications, it's easy to access iMovie, iPhoto, or iTunes from within iDVD to add movies, photos, and music for slideshows.

The same disc that plays your movies and slideshows can also deliver any other content to anyone's computer: PDF files, applications, high-resolution photos, archived files, websites, and almost anything else you want to make accessible on the disc. Since DVDs are not platform-specific, they work on any Mac or PC that has a DVD drive.


In the world of DVD design and authoring, the term “menu” refers to the DVD interface in which users click on links to play specific movies, movie scenes, and slideshows, or to show submenus that offer more content.

This chapter contains a lot of information about iDVD, but it's really as simple as this:

Select a menu theme.

Drag media files to the menu.

Customize your menu design.

Burn a disc.

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