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Chapter 17. iChat AV and Bonjour > To start a text chat

To start a text chat

Select a buddy in the Buddy List.

Click the Text Chat button (the letter “A”) at the bottom of the iChat window to open a message window.

Type a message in the message window text box, then press Return. When your buddy answers you, his messages and yours are staggered in the window and tagged with the photos that were set in your chat software (iChat or AIM).

Click the Text Chat button to start a text chat with a selected buddy.Type your message in the text box, then press Return or Enter. When you start typing, a thought cloud appears so buddies can see that you're responding.Your sent message appears in your iChat window.

When you receive a text message, a message window (below-left) opens on your Desktop. The top of the window identifies the buddy sending you a message. Click on the window to expand it (center). Type a response, then click the “Accept” button. When you accept, the window expands again (below-right) so you continue the chat. If you choose to block the message, an alert asks if you're sure you want to block all future messages from this buddy. If your answer is “yes,” click the “Block” button in the alert window. You can remove this block in the Security pane of iChat Preferences.

To remove a block, open iChat Preferences, then click the “Security” tab in the “Accounts” pane. Click the “Edit List…” button next to “Block specific people.” A sheet slides down from the Prerences title bar in which you can add or remove buddies to a Block list.



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