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Chapter 13. iCal > Print Your iCal Calendar

Print Your iCal Calendar

No matter how convenient the digital lifestyle may be, sometimes you need an old-fashioned paper printout. To print a calendar:

Select the calendar in the Calendars list that you want to print.

From the File menu, choose “Print….”

The Print window (below) opens. The left side shows a preview of how the calendar will look when printed.

From the View pop-up menu, choose the view you want to print—Day, Week, or Month.

From the Paper pop-up menu, choose a paper size to print on.

In the Time range section, choose a start and stop date.

In the Calendars section, checkmark the calendars whose events you want to include.

In the Options section, checkmark the items you want to include in the printing. The Options section changes slightly depending on the view you've selected in the “View” pop-up menu. Month view is shown below. The next page shows the Options section when Day view and Week view are selected.

In the Options section shown below, “Calendar Keys” refers to the color legend in the top-right corner of the document. Checkmark “Black and White” if you want to print in black and white.

Pick a text size from the “Text size” pop-up menu. Choose Big, Medium, or Small. If your calendar is very crowded, choose small.

Click “Continue” to open a standard Print dialog box.

Print options available in Day view.

Print options available in Week view.

In the Print dialog box, select a printer and presets from the pop-up menus. Also select how many copies of the calendar to print.

Click the “Print” button.



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