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Chapter 1. iPhoto > To export your photos as a web site

To export your photos as a web site

Select an album or a group of photos within an album. The order the photos appear in an album is the order they will appear in the web page you create.

From the File menu, choose “Export….”

In the “Export Photos” window that opens, click the “Web Page” button.

Make the following choices:

Title: Enter a title for the web page.

Columns and Rows: Choose how many columns and rows of thumbnail photographs to create on the start page (the first page of the web site).

Background: To choose a background color, click the Color radio button, then click the color box for the palette. To choose a background image for the page, click the Image radio button, click “Set…,” then from the Open dialog box, choose an image.

Text Color: Click the box to choose a color for the text on the page.

See the sidebar and Step 6 on the next page to learn why we named our new folder “index” (above).

Thumbnail: Set the maximum width and height for thumbnail images (the small photos on the “start page” or first page).

If the folder we export into is named “flamenco,” iPhoto names the start page (the page with all the thumbnails on it) “flamenco.html.” An HTML start page needs to be named “index” to work on the Internet, but if we manually change the name of the start page (after it has been created by iPhoto) to “index,” the “Up” link on the secondary pages (the link that takes you back to the start page) will not work because it's programmed to link to a page named “flamenco.html.” So, to make your web pages actually work on the Internet, export them to a folder named “index.”

Show title: Place the title you assigned to photos under the thumbnail version on the start page.

Show comment: Show comments associated with photos.

Image: Same as “Thumbnail” settings, but this applies to the large photo pages to which the thumbnail images are linked.

Click “Export,” shown on the previous page.

In the sheet that drops down, iPhoto may automatically choose the “Sites” folder in which to store your web page. You can choose any location, but you need to create a new folder within the selected folder to hold all the files that will be created during this export.

So click the “New Folder” button (previous page) and name it index. Why? Because, unfortunately, the Web Page feature names the start page the same as the folder into which it's saved. For a web page to work correctly on the Internet, the start page needs to be named “index.html.” After the photos are exported to the new folder, you can manually change the name of the folder to something unique.

Click OK (shown on the previous page). Your new web page and all its related files will be stored in this new folder.

To see your new web page (which is really a web site, not an individual web page), find the new folder you just made and open it (it's in the Sites folder in your Home folder, unless you put it somewhere else).



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