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Chapter 13. iCal > To create an event

To create an event

Select one of the calendars in the Calendars list. If none of the existing calendars seem appropriate for the new event you want to add, create a new calendar as explained on the previous page.

In the View pane, press-and-drag vertically in the time slot in which you want to place an event.

Or double-click the time slot where you want to place a new event. After you create the event, you can drag it to any position in the calendar. You can also drag an event's edge to change its duration.

Or click once in a time slot, then from the File menu choose “New Event.”

When you create a new event, the text “New Event” is already selected, so all you have to do is type a description or name for the event.

Or click the Show Info button to open the Info drawer (shown on the right), then click on the text at the top of the drawer and type a description. Any thing you type here appears in the event block in the calendar, and vice versa.

Set the other options in the drawer:

To repeat this event in the calendar, click the repeat pop-up button (the small double-arrows) to open a menu containing recurrence choices.

You can invite attendees to an event (see page 346).

To switch the event to another calendar, click the calendar pop-up button (the small double-arrows) and assign the event to another calendar.

To set an alarm for the event, click the alarm pop-up button (the small double-arrows).

If the event has a web site, enter the address here so you can access it with a click.



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