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Chapter 17. iChat AV and Bonjour > Add people to your Buddy List

Add people to your Buddy List

Click the iChat icon in the Dock, if iChat is not already open. If you don't see your Buddy List, press Command 1 ( the number “one”), or go to the Window menu and choose “Buddy List.”

In the Buddy List window that opens, click the + button (circled above-left). A sheet containing your Address Book contacts drops down from the top of the window, shown here.

If the person you want to add is in your Address Book, select that contact, then click the “Select Buddy” button. The new buddy appears in the Buddy List.

If you have not yet put that person's buddy name in your Address Book, another sheet opens like the one shown on the next page so you can add the buddy name to the person's contact information.

If the Buddy you want to add isn't in your Address Book, click the “New Person” button (shown on the left) to open the sheet shown below.

From the “Account Type” pop-up menu, select “.Mac” if the new person uses their Mac.com account for instant messaging.

Or choose “AIM” if the new buddy uses an AOL or AIM screen name.

Enter first name, last name, and email information if you want to add this to your Address Book as well.

The Buddy List uses the entry from the First Name and Last Name field to name the buddy in the list. If you don't enter a first or last name, the Buddy List uses the Account Name entered here. Whatever you enter in this sheet is actually being added to a new card in your Address Book. Later, if you want to change a buddy's information, you can open Address Book and change it there. Or, you can select a buddy in the Buddy List, then from the Buddies menu choose “Get Info” to open an Address Book window for that buddy.

To make a photo or custom icon appear next to a buddy's name in the list, drag an image on top of the Buddy Icon window shown below-left. The photo can be a JPEG, GIF, TIFF or Photoshop file.

Click the “Add” button to add the new buddy to your Buddy List (and to your Address Book).



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