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Chapter 13. iCal > Change the time zone setting for an event

Change the time zone setting for an event

Open iCal Preferences and select “Turn on time zone support” (see page 355) so the time zone setting appears in the Info drawer (circled below-left).

Select an event in your calendar. Open the Info drawer—click the Show Info button, or just double-click an event to select it and open the drawer.

An event's time zone setting affects its location on the calendar. If the iCal time zone is set to San Francisco and you create a lunch event and change its time zone to Paris, the event will move nine hours back in the iCal window.

In the Info drawer click to the right of the time zone label (the text and small double-arrows) and choose one of the options in the pop-up menu (shown above-right).

If you previously selected other time zones, they remain listed in the top section of the pop-up menu.

UTC / GMT sets the time zone to Universal Time/Greenwich Mean Time—standards used as a basis for calculating time throughout most of the world.

Choose Floating if you want to create events that stay at the same time, no matter what time zone you're in. For instance, a lunch event scheduled for noon will always appear in the noon time slot, no matter where you are or if you've changed the iCal time zone (as explained on the previous page) or the time zone setting in Date and Time System Preferences.

Select Other… to show a small world map in the drawer, as shown on the right. Click a time zone in the map to open a pop-up menu of cities in that time zone. Select a city, then click the OK button in the bottom-right corner of the map.



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