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Chapter 17. iChat AV and Bonjour > Start a 1-to-1 audio chat

Start a 1-to-1 audio chat

Open iChat.

Select a buddy in the iChat window that shows an “Audio Chat” icon (a telephone) to the right of the buddy name. You can also audio chat with a buddy that shows a “Video Chat” icon (a video camera), in case you're still in your pajamas. Or not.

To start an audio chat, click the “Audio Chat” icon next to the buddy name. Or click the “Audio Chat” button at the bottom of the window (shown on the right). Or, from the Buddies menu, choose “Invite to Audio Chat.” Or Control-click on a buddy, then choose “Invite to Audio Chat” in the contextual menu.

The icon to the right of a buddy name indicates what kind of chat is possible. A multi-person phone icon (above) means you can have a multi-person audio chat with that buddy.

An audio panel opens on your Desktop, waiting for your buddy to accept the invitation, as shown below.

On the buddy's Desktop, the audio chat invitation appears. When the buddy clicks on the invitation, it opens into the audio chat panel shown below-right. The buddy chooses to “Decline” or “Accept” the invitation. The buddy can also choose a “Text Reply” if audio is inappropriate at the moment.

Invitation to an audio chat.

Once the audio chat invitation has been accepted, you can talk back and forth just as if you were using a telephone. The audio chat panel shows an animated sound level meter and provides a volume slider so you can adjust the chat volume.



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