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Chapter 3. iMovie > To add titles to your movie

To add titles to your movie

Select a clip in the Timeline (click once on it). The clip you select shows in the thumbnail preview window when you click on a title style.

Click the “Titles” button to reveal the Titles pane, then select a title style.

Type your title text into the text fields in the Title pane.

Use the Font pop-up menu to select a font.

Use the “Size” slider to enlarge or reduce the type.

Click the “Color” box to choose a font color from a color palette.

Click the “Over black” checkbox to create a title that stands alone against a black background and does not affect other clips (other than moving them down the Timeline to make room for the added title). If you do not select the “Over black” checkbox, the title will be rendered on top of the clip immediately to the right of where you drag and drop the title in the Timeline (see Step 9).

If you plan to export the movie as a QuickTime file, check the “QT margins” box to allow the title to expand within the limitations of the QuickTime margins.

To identify clips that have a title effect applied, switch to the Clip View of the Timeline and look for a “T” symbol at the top of a clip.

If you plan to burn a DVD and show it on a television, make sure this button is not selected or your type may be cut off on the edges, or just leave it unchecked all the time to play it safe for any media.

Select a title style in the list of styles and drag it to a position in the Timeline between two clips (see the example on the previous page). All of the clips to the right of the dragged title move to the right, making room for the title.

This title was set to render on top of an existing clip (“Over black” was not selected in the Titles pane).



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