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Chapter 11. iSync > Add a Bluetooth phone to iSync

Add a Bluetooth phone to iSync

Make sure that both your computer and your mobile phone have Bluetooth installed and that it is turned on.

Open System Preferences, then click the “Bluetooth” icon.

Bluetooth devices have to be paired with your computer, using Bluetooth Setup Assistant, and they must be in discoverable mode.

Some Bluetooth devices are automatically in discoverable mode.

To add a USB phone to iSync, use Steps 4–8.

In the “Devices” pane of Bluetooth preferences, click “Set up new device…” to open the Bluetooth Setup Assistant. Follow the step-by-step instructions to pair your phone and computer.

Open iSync (double-click the iSync icon in the Applications folder). iSync appears on your Desktop, shown below.

From the Devices menu, choose “Add Device….”

iSync automatically finds any Bluetooth device within range (approximately 32 feet) and displays it in the “Add Device” window shown below. Double-click the device to add it to the iSync toolbar.

In the iSync drawer that opens (shown below), put checkmarks next to the items you want to enable. Choose the contacts and calendars you want to synchronize.

Click “Sync Devices” in the iSync toolbar. The iSync drawer closes and a synchronization bar shows the progress.

To show the settings for a particular device, click its icon in the iSync toolbar. If you don't want to change any settings, just click “Sync Devices” to update all devices shown in the toolbar.During synchronization, the drawer of settings (shown to the left) closes and this progress bar appears.



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