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Lesson 13. Putting Your Slide Show on th... > Getting Still Photos from Your Video

Getting Still Photos from Your Video

At some point, you'll face the choice of grabbing either your still camera or your video camcorder. You can't always shoot with both. You saw in Lesson 6 how to turn still photos into a dynamic slide show. Now you will see how to turn video into acceptable-quality still photos. It begins in iMovie.

Create a new folder (choose File > New Folder) on your Desktop called Petroglyph Stills, where you will store all the photos you'll get from your video.

This isn't required, of course, but it streamlines the process of moving the images into iPhoto.

Open Lesson13 > Start_BizOwnerVideo13 > BizOwnerVideo.

Only one clip is here; the truth is, you don't need to do any editing. Right now you're using iMovie for its capability to grab still images from video.

Click the single clip and shuttle through it in the Viewer until you find a frame to grab. Pick any shot that appeals to you.

Since a camcorder records 30 frames every second, there are many to choose from.

When you find a good shot, use the arrow keys on the keyboard to move forward and backward a little until you identify just the right frame.

Choose File > Save Frame.

Name the image and select a location on your Mac for storing it.

In this case, select the folder you created on the Desktop to keep your frame grabs from this (de facto) roll.

The default format for the image is JPEG. This is a good fit with iPhoto, so don't change it.


If it's a challenge to navigate your computer by way of the Where pull-down menu, you can always deposit images on your Desktop and organize them in a folder later.

And that's it; the still is created and placed in the folder you selected.

Continue through this process until you have made a still from each unique shot on the videotape—around 15 of them—and placed them in the Petroglyph Stills folder.

That's all you need from iMovie. Close the project (no need to save anything, since you didn't do any editing). Now you're going to move back to iPhoto.



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